Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Kolkata :Peppynite

For brides looking to get the perfect bridal makeup in Kolkata, here are some top recommendations from Peppynite:

Arpita Ganguly: With over eight years of experience, Arpita is well-known for her fabulous work in the beauty industry and has been mentioned in various beauty magazines and newspapers.

Ujjwal Debnath: A highly revered name in Kolkata, Ujjwal is known for his magical touch with makeup brushes, creating stunning bridal looks.

Abhijit Paul: Ideal for brides who want a mix of modern trends and traditional Bengali looks, Abhijit is known for his expertise with models and Bengali bridal styles.

Bridgette Jones: A seasoned makeup artist who keeps up with the latest trends, Bridgette is frequently featured in local beauty columns and magazines.

June Tomkyns: One of the oldest names in Kolkata’s makeup industry, June Tomkyns has been running her salon since 1989 and is renowned for understanding and fulfilling clients’ needs precisely.

Debi’s Premier Makeup: Known for providing amazing bridal makeovers using top brands, Debi offers various bridal and party makeup packages.

Milli’s Makeover: Milli provides excellent bridal makeovers at affordable prices and is willing to travel to accommodate her clients.

Dibya’s Makeover: Known for high-quality services tailored to clients’ needs, Dibya offers a range of makeup options including HD and airbrush makeup.

Sneha Bhowmick Makeup: Specializing in natural and elegant makeup looks, Sneha is a popular choice for wedding makeup and other formal events.

Glamz Makeover: Offering a wide range of services, Glamz Makeover is perfect for brides who want a glamorous look for their wedding.

These artists are some of the best in Kolkata and are known for their professionalism and ability to meet brides’ specific needs, ensuring a perfect look on their special day​ (​​ (​.

Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Kolkata :Peppynite