Benefits of Odoo as a Restaurant Management System

Do you own a restaurant, or are you planning to open one? Then you certainly ought to recall Odoo ERP. This comprehensive system is designed for efficient workflow management. 

You get complete integration of all company departments: corridor, kitchen, coin desk, shipping, and so on. Optimize your commercial enterprise and get the maximum out of it. Improve providers and decorate your customers’ enjoyment.

Odoo ERP functions for restaurants may be easily activated. Go to Point of Sale → Configuration → Settings → Bar/Restaurant. Choose all the capabilities you want to run your business correctly.

Main Features of Odoo Restaurant Management

The Odoo Point of Sale (POS) module has been developed particularly for the desires of the restaurant commercial enterprise. You do not need to spend a lot of time and effort to gain knowledge of the software program because it has a person-pleasant interface and high-quality functionality. 

We attribute flexibility and versatility to the main advantages of Odoo POS, in addition to the capability to be customized to the desires of a specific eating place. Let’s now not beat across the bush and flow on to reviewing the main functions of Odoo Restaurant Management.

Floor and Table Management

The whole restaurant is displayed in your tool screen. You can upload floors and manipulate tables in Odoo POS. Set the variety of seats and the shape of the desk. After the settings are finished, your workers are able to place an order for a specific table, specify the wide variety of guests, add dishes, and so forth.

Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT)

You could be surprised that communication among the corridor and the kitchen may be so powerful with Odoo POS. The waiter locations an order, the responsibilities for the kitchen and the bar are mechanically generated and dispatched without delay. Consequently, the ready time for the customer is reduced, which undoubtedly affects the first-rate of service.

Odoo Restaurant Management lets you take notes. For example, the waiter shows the degree of steak doneness, the taste of ice cream, or different particular visitor desires.

Easy Menu Management

You manipulate your eating place’s menu smoothly and effortlessly. Add and take away dishes. Set expenses, connect element weight, ingredients, description. You can create dish cards manually or use the import button. The system gives convenient options for conditions in which you have got many positions.

  • Filter. Sift dishes by means of classes, elements to discover what you need.
  • Grouping. Put salads in one category, liquids in another, and so forth to make things less difficult.
  • Favorites. This class incorporates the bestsellers.

By the way, you may pick out your customers’ preferred dishes due to the fact the system counts sales and gives exact reviews. Thus, the owner effectively resolves issues associated with adjusting the menu.

Accurate Billing

Mistakes inside take a look at can ruin even the excellent customer revel in. You may be able to keep away from such hassles via using Odoo POS. The possibility of mistakes is extremely low. Connect ERP and make sure that perfect billing is to be had.

Detailed Reporting

You can generate reports for the whole eating place or kind orders by diverse parameters to get certain reporting for analysis. After studying the facts and summarizing the outcomes, efficiently plan the similar paintings of the status quo.

Loyalty Programs for Customers

Work on constructing a base of normal customers. Odoo Restaurant Management will assist. The machine lets you create loyalty programs with bonuses, present cards and vouchers.

Inventory Management

You do no longer want to calculate the balances manually. Inventory becomes less difficult and greater green with Odoo Restaurant Management. You always have updated information on the number of products essential for the operation of the status quo. No greater expired and spoiled products.

Split The Bills

Let’s test a scenario that regularly takes place in eating places. The waiter serves a collection of visitors and places all orders on one account. All of a surprise, one guest decides to depart early and wants to pay for his order. It is quite inconvenient to print a preferred check and calculate the amount. 

It’s a great deal less complicated to cut up the bill. And you can do it in Odoo Restaurant Management.

Delivery Management

Deliver orders on your clients immediately. Odoo application will help you optimize your delivery in the excellent manner.

Mobile Ordering

The consumer does not ought to watch for the waiter to surround an order. Odoo Restaurant Management syncs with the visitor app and lets in guests to reserve directly from their cell phone. This is a very useful characteristic each for working in the hall and for removing food.

five Reasons to Choose Odoo for Restaurant Management

Have you been inside the restaurant commercial enterprise for a long time or are you simply making plans to open your first eating place? It doesn’t count! Odoo ERP is adaptable, customizable and scalable. Here are five more reasons why you should pick this system.

  • Optimization of operating processes. Make your body of workers more efficient. Odoo ERP automates the switch of orders to the bar and kitchen, counting balances, printing invoices, and many others.
  • Improving purchaser experience. Odoo for Restaurant Management will assist you to enhance your customer support. The device lets in you to lessen waiting time, split the invoice if vital.
  • Complete control. All facts about your restaurant are displayed inside the device: from desk placement to the outline of every menu object.
  • Establishing communication with clients. Odoo makes it possible to construct long-term relationships with visitors. Set up loyalty applications. Collect opinions and impressions about your status quo. Satisfy purchaser requests and show your professionalism underneath any occasions.
  • Analysis of news and making the proper decisions. You have distinctive reporting on budget, sales, based on this you can control the eating place in a fine manner.

Odoo for Restaurant Management offers you a whole set of tools to make your commercial enterprise extra efficient, increase its profitability, and simplify and optimize workflows. Get your complete eating place on display and ensure that handling your restaurant is a breeze.

If you’re seeking out restaurant control software programs to simplify your operations and make an enterprise extra green, touch us and we allow you to streamline your business.

Benefits of Odoo as a Restaurant Management System